World's first medically-proven, fast acting natural anti-wrinkle skin serum

No Needles. No Toxins.

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“A natural, fast-acting anti-wrinkle serum clinically tested on real patients with proven results”

Dr Paul MD, Skin Cancer Surgeon & Master Skincare Formulator

A ground-breaking anti-wrinkle serum tested on real patients

Based on clinical trials on real women

Why you should choose NO-TOX®? Well, it's the only anti-wrinkle serum on the market which has been medically tested in clinical trials on real women with results independently validated in the Journal of Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology.

Non-toxin based

Injectables like botox are made from the botulium toxin, a deadly poison. In addition, fillers can cause acne, bleeding, bruising and allergies. The unique formulation of NO-TOX® is based on proprietary ingredients without paralytic toxins or harmful ingredients.

No needles, no side effects

Using injectables can result in side effects like local pain and swelling, headaches, droopy eyelids or cocked eyebrows, eye dryness and excessive tearing. The NO-TOX® formulation has been tested on real women without any of these side effects.



My partner keeps commenting how much better my skin is looking and this is just after 3 weeks. Congratulations on getting such a superb product to market. I'm grateful and spreading the word!

Michelle S, August 2021

Within just days of using the product I noticed reduced wrinkles around the eye area, particularly above the eyelids. Also, the lower cheeks / jaw area feel slightly firmer.

Maree D, August 2021

No-Tox has made a huge difference already with the lines around my mouth and on my forehead and it’s only been 3 weeks of using it twice a day!  Can’t believe it, thank you again.

Georgia H, September 2021

How it works?

1) Get your plan

Buy your monthly plan for NZ$141. Cancel any time with one click, no questions asked. See our FAQs for more information.

2) Apply NO-TOX®

Follow our instructions to apply to target lines based on your objectives which come with the monthly pack.

3) See results

See a reduction of at least 60% to target lines in terms of width and length within as fast as 3 weeks.